Support for Dari and Pashto

We offer support for users of Intermediate Dari (Farsi), Intermediate Pashto and others interested in Dari and Pashto. Material to be uploaded here is more useful for those who have a basic knowledge of these languages and can read the Arabic script.

I am Dr. Jonaid Sharif, the author of Intermediate Dari: Readings and Review of Grammar and co-author of  Intermediate Pashto. I want to use this space to offer additional products and keep in touch with those interested who

At this point, the most important help I can offer is to send you the two audio CD's that correspond to the content of these two books.


In addition to all selections from the book, the CD's have extra lectures on such topics as titles, names, and Dari in context; gender and verb tense in Pashto.


If you have a copy of either book, you can ask me a question about Dari language or about the content of the book: Use the email link below: